Expo in the mediatheque in Passais-la-Conception 18 May to 3 July 2021. A selection of  photograps from various plays and shows.

Expo à la médiathèque de Passais-la-Conception du 18 mai au 3 juillet 2021. Une sélection de photograps de diverses pièces et spectacles.

Director / Meteur en scene: Norrie Waters

Gemini Association

Sally Polyvalente, Desertines

August 2017

by Melvyn Bragg / Howard Goodall

Moulton Theatre, Moulton, Northamptonshire, England

October 2017

by Peter Shaffer

Masque Theatre

Church of the Holy Sepilchre, Northampton England

May 2015

Le Gala - Thème du magnicien d'oz

Gorron Danse

Metteuse en scéne Magali Chenel

Espace Culturel, Colmont, Gorron

June 2019

Chateau Jasmine, Passais-la-Conception

Producer Gary Roberts

Groups: Mondelo and Rock My Country

September 2020

by John Godber

The Playhouse Theatre, Northampton,

June 2015